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Adventurer-Speaker-Author-Wild man-Veteran

Professional Caveman and United States Marine Corps veteran, Donny Dust provides raw and unedited insight into his adventures in the remote corners of the world, combat oversees and confronting his own death through his professional speaking engagements, books, blogs, podcasts, television appearances and personal life philosophy. His life story, to include the highs and lows are a unique opportunity for every person to learn, grow and live free.


About Donny

Donny Dust is a Marine Corps Veteran of 12 years of service with an honorable discharge in 2011. He is now a world wide expert in remote primitive survival, emergency preparedness and ancient/historical technologies. 

He has taken his time in service and days living among the wild landscapes of the world to offer one of a kind presentations on resiliency, leadership and communication. No other person has such a diverse background to leverage when providing his one-of-a kind presentations.

He has authored books, worked on feature films as a technical consultant, took part indifferent network television programs, conducted numerous podcasts and radio appearances as well has spoken in-front of  crowds who traveled far and near to hear him speak. Known as the "Professional Caveman" Donny is nothing but professional, adventurous and creative.

Donny runs a successful wilderness self-reliance and survival school called Paleo Tracks Survival, Colorado Springs premier survival and wilderness self-reliance school. His expertise draws clients from as far as Canada, The United Kingdom, Australia and South America.

Professional   Speaking     Services

  • 2017 Building The Resilient Mind, US Army, California
  • 2017 Communication - Booze Allen Hamilton, Maryland
  • 2017 BSA Outdoor Adventuring Event, Colorado Springs
  • 2018 Leading With Presence, US Army, Germany
  • 2018 Communication: Verbal and Non-Verbal, US Army Texas
  • 2018 Colorado Springs Sportsmen Expo, Colorado
  • 2019 Colorado Springs Sportsmen Expo, Colorado
  • 2019 Explore The Outdoors, Grand Junction Colorado


Building the resilient Mind
60-90 Minutes

-We must adapt and overcome to evolve the resilient mind-

In this 60-90 presentation, Donny provides attendees real methods to overcome adversity by building upon ones resiliency. He invokes an aspect of personal self-awareness to promote a persons adaptability, empowering the mental, physical, emotional, tribal and primal aspects of ones life. These are the same methods and actions discussed in Donny's hit book SCAVENGER.    

LEading with Presence
60-90 Minutes

-Always from the front to empower the fighter/leader concept-

Leadership is often overlooked in the corporate world as a, "do as I say, not as I do" type approach has firmly planted itself in the practices of many leaders. In this 60-90 minute presentation Donny resources his decades of military and remote wilderness guiding leadership to deliver the most thought provoking leadership training available today. 

Communication: Verbal and Non-Verbal
60-90 Minutes

-We all have something to say even when we are not talking-

We all have some thing to say, but sometimes we don't know how to listen. In this 60-90 minute presentation Donny will leverage his years of training and field work as a Counterintelligence and Human Intelligence Agent for the DoD. He will demonstrate "how to read" non-verbal communication and explain the meaning behind the spoken word. and what is really being said. 

Donny has been asked to be a guest lecturer and presenter at business conferences, outdoor shows, universities, youth organizations and for military units. To book Donny for your next event hit the "Contact and Book" button below.

To book Donny as your next professional speaker in Colorado Springs, Denver or anywhere else in Canada, Europe or the USA contact and book Donny through the button below.

Television & Film 

Knapper 2018
Onion Creek Productions

Independent Short Film - Provided historical and contextual insight about a late archaic hunter gatherer culture that existed in central Texas approximately 8,000 years ago. Built, recreated and demonstrated methodologies consistent with an archaic hunter gather culture through stone tools, shelters, foods, weaponry and clothing.

the Big bend 2019
Panic Media, Onion Creek Productions

Feature Film - Supported film as Head Safety Consultant providing crew and cast with all safety briefs and safety action implementation through high wire rigging, vehicle movement, weapons and firearms handling, remote shooting location guide/scout, weather considerations, water safety and dangerous animal mitigation. Additionally, served as set medic ensuring crew and cast injuries and accidents were addressed and the appropriate actions taken.

ALone Season 6 - Arctic 2019
HISTORY Channel, ITV America, Left-field Pictures

Contestant on survival reality TV series. The hit TV series, Alone finds 10 expert survivalist in any remote region of the world, self filming their adventure with the chance to win one million dollars. Contestants can leave the challenge at any time and return to civilization without knowing who is left fighting for the cash prize.  

ALone: The Beast Season 1 - SwampLand 2020
HISTORY Channel, ITV America, Left-field Pictures

Contestant on survival reality TV series. The hit TV series, Alone: The Beast, finds three survivalist from different walks of life in a remote region of the world, with zero survival tools and one dead beast to survive from. Contestants must survive only using what nature provides and the dead beast for 30 days or quit at anytime through a tap out .  

Books and Publications

  • Survivors Edge Magazine, Winter 2018
  • American Frontiersman Magazine, Winter 2018
  • American Frontiersman Magazine, Spring 2018
  • The New Pioneer Magazine, Spring 2018
  • SCAVENGER: A Primal Approach to Lifestyle Change. Published Nov 2019
  • EARTHROAMER: Let Curiosity Guide You. Published March 2020

Donny has authored countless articles for mainstream survival and outdoors magazines. His most recent book EARTHROAMER, takes a look at Donny's very own concept of Earthroaming, and delivers the audience essential knowledge, skills and abilities all center around outdoor adventures.

Earthroamer will challenge and dismantle the common myths associated within the survival, bushcraft and primitive skills communities. Earthroamer will teach you “how” to think about outdoor adventuring, not “what” to think. This book, Donny hopes, will become a foundation stone for adventurers, thrill seekers and outdoor enthusiasts all around the world.

Donny's first book, SCAVENGER: A Primal Approach to Lifestyle Change, is still as popular as ever, selling thousands of copies world wide. Scavenger captures one specific day; the day Donny had a massive heart attack at the age of 37 and almost died. In order to recover, Donny quickly turned to the mountains and wild spaces of Colorado where he lived in caves, improvised shelters, hunted wild game, foraged wild edibles, drank from springs and streams and became a SCAVENGER. 

Paleo Tracks Survival

Colorados premier Wilderness Self-Reliance and SURVIVAL School

Philosophy of Paleo Tracks Survival - Creativity is the #1 Survival Skill.

Have you ever wanted to walk into the woods with nothing and walk out days, weeks and even months later with everything? Donny has done just that and that is his vision, his endstate for the adventure seeker.

Donny officially organized and opened Paleo Tracks Survival in 2016  when he realized that in order to provide Colorado and the US's best survival school it needed to be real, it needed to be authentic and it needed to be safe. He took all his years of remote back country adventures, military training and passion for ancient technologies and formed his dream business.

With the simple goal to teach people from all walks of life to survive and thrive in the wild places of the world, Donny has constructed one-of-a kind lessons and experiences for his clients. He has instructed, guided and mentored thousands of clients from Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and South America. 

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